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The Future of Music Is Here

Surf Wreck is a singer-songwriter, born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Surf grew up listening to multiple genres of music stemming from his parents. They had different flavors of music ranging from Sean Phillips to Whitney Houston. None the less the  household growing up was filled with soul and sounds. Surf Wreck's mother loves to sing and dance, and Surf watched his dads love for guitar increase over the years until he started making his own original music. At 12 years old, Surf Wreck decided it was his turn to write a song.


Throughout the years of making music and being around the industry Surf Wreck has opened up for the likes of Waka Flocka Flame. Starred in Music Videos with Indie sensation Prof and performed at the one and only Legendary First Avenue. Surf has fell in love with the process by teaching himself how to Produce, Mix and Master his own music and others. He catches inspiration from everything surrounding us (LIFE) and being able to connect to people through his art. Surf Wreck hopes to one day make a change on this earth by helping people think more positively and see the love that life has to offer!

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