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The Versatile One

 JayVon was born and raised in Minneapolis. He bring that feel-good vibe that you can relate to or make you wanna get up and chase after your aspirations. Mixed with that lavish lifestyle, JayVon brings the success feeling to his music. Never forgetting any type of audience, JayVon dabbles in emotional heartfelt vibes and of course vibes for the ladies and 


JayVon been getting more comfortable on the mic song by song lyric by lyric. His versatility has been expanding through his love for music growing and working with different writers, producers, and engineers that give him a different eye and help him explore his ranges. Within the next year JayVon Plans to expand his catalog with some crazy hits and projects you can play on repeat!


JayVon found so much inspiration through COVID and becoming close friends with people who have made crazy marks in the industry. He has collaborated with the likes of 10K Caash, and D.J. K.i.D, also running a portion of D.J. K.I.D WaterSpectrum Group.

Its been so many years writing and recording behind the scenes  JayVon has put so much behind his music and brand growth! 2022 is the year JayVon decided the time is now and is ready.

JayVon has a few projects in the works with the first set to relesase this Summer!

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