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The Minnesota Native

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN Freqq started music at a young age. From freestyling with homies to bringing the rare High Level Rap to the Cities! Inspired by his life events Freqq is here to set the precedent in the Rap Game, delivering with crazy metaphors and story telling energy.  


​Freqq's first debut release 'Luv u 4 ever' put his name on the map, with a plethora of fire music we're introducing the young star to the world. 


He's changing the game with his lyrics, vocals, and versatility proving to soon be great! 


A qoute from Freqq himself; "They either gonna like it or not I'm speaking on me and I hope it hits somebody! You feel me". 


Everything released thus far is the first layer. So stick with Freqq to let him and us unfold the rest. It's about that time we take over!!

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