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The Future of Music Is Here

Prolific, intense, compassionate, and resilient, Jayoo is ready to bring a wave of new music to the world. Multi-talented Jayoo is able to soothe with his singing abilities, story tell with his powerful rapping, and WOW with his dancing abilities.


Raised in Shreveport, Louisiana has always been inspired by music. Starting at age 10 with singing in the church choir with his brother and mother, to writing and releasing his first few singles via Soundcloud. Born Jalon Stephens, he was an accomplished Gymnast, becoming a 2-time ALL-AMERICAN NCAA Bronze Medalist, BIG 10 Silver Medalist, and US National Champion.


Jayoo released his first EP "Speak" in September of 2020 which garnered a collective 25,000 streams in the first month! Followed by a successful release of his second album "Pain & Relief"

Jayoo is released his third album "The Plan" which brings you R&B/Hip Hop Vibes you are sure to enjoy!

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